Control Block Language


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Cover, Attentions (35K), Table of Contents (84K)
Chapter 1 Introduction (75K)
Chapter 2 Programming for AutoMax Systems (110K)
Chapter 3 Control Block Programming (110K)
Chapter 4 Scan Loop (47K)
Chapter 5 Absolute Value (9K)
Chapter 6 Alarm (32K)
Chapter 7 Amplifier (43K)
Chapter 8 And (13K)
Chapter 9 Bit Select (18K)
Chapter 10 Compare (22K)
Chapter 11 Counter (20K)
Chapter 12 Difference (11K)
Chapter 13 Function Generator (40K)
Chapter 14 Inverter (14K)
Chapter 15 Latch (25K)
Chapter 16 Limit (22K)
Chapter 17 Move (25K)
Chapter 18 Multiply and Divide (13K)
Chapter 19 Or (13K)
Chapter 20 Pack Bits (13K)
Chapter 21 Pulse Multiplier (47K)
Chapter 22 Ramp (64K)
Chapter 23 Read Bits (38K)
Chapter 24 Read Words (38K)
Chapter 25 Running Average (39K)
Chapter 26 S Curve (10K)
Chapter 27 Sampled Average (35K)
Chapter 28 Scale (53K)
Chapter 29 Search (63K)
Chapter 30 Shift Bits (55K)
Chapter 31 Shift Words (56K)
Chapter 32 Select (39K)
Chapter 33 Summer (11K)
Chapter 34 Switch (13K)
Chapter 35 Tach Loss and Overspeed (52K)
Chapter 36 Thermal Overload (89K)
Chapter 37 Transition (10K)
Chapter 38 Unpack Bits (12K)
Chapter 39 Write Bits (40K)
Chapter 40 Write Words (40K)
Chapter 41 Differentiator Lag (37K)
Chapter 42 Integrate (68K)
Chapter 43 LAG (32K)
Chapter 44 LEAD/LAG (30K)
Chapter 45 Notch Filter (19K)
Chapter 46 High-Pass-Filter (30K)
Chapter 47 Low-Pass-Filter (30K)
Chapter 48 Notchn (30K)
Chapter 49 Proportion + Integral (58K)
Chapter 50 PID (185K)
Chapter 51 Special Coefficient Restrictions (29K)
Chapter 52 DC Drive Current Minor Loop (610K)
Chapter 53 Execution Time Estimates (104K)
Appendix A Converting a Control Block Task to the Most Current Version (44K)
Appendix B BASIC Language Statements and Functions in AutoMax Control Block Tasks (11K)
Appendix C Control Blocks Supported in UDC Control Block Tasks (11K)
Appendix D BASIC Language Statements and Functions in UDC Control Block Tasks (18K)
Document Improvement Form (22K), Back Cover (5K)