Programming Executive
Version 4.2



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Cover, Attentions (87K), Table of Contents (87K)
Chapter 1 Introduction (60K)
Chapter 2 Introduction to the AutoMax Distributed Control System (54K)
Chapter 3 Notes on Installation (32K)
Chapter 4

Getting Around in the AutoMax Executive and Windows (36K)

Chapter 5 Using the System Configurator (3.5K)
Chapter 6 Configuring Racks (2.4M)
Chapter 7 Configuring Variables (1.6M)
Chapter 8 Creating and Editing Tasks with the Task Manager (1.1M)
Chapter 9 System Security (46K)
Chapter 10 AutoMax Processor Overview (64K)
Chapter 11 AutoMax On-Line Menu (41K)
Chapter 12 On-Line Menu: Connect (53K)
Chapter 13 On-Line Menu: Info/Log (36K)
Chapter 14 On-Line Menu: Transfer (42K)
Chapter 15 On-Line Menu: Running Tasks (34K)
Chapter 16 On-Line Menu: Stopping Tasks (26K)
Chapter 17 On-Line Menu: Deleting Tasks (17K)
Chapter 18 On-Line Menu: Monitoring and Editing Tasks (138K)
Chapter 19 On-Line Menu: Error Clear (16K)
Chapter 20 Software Troubleshooting (33K)
Appendix A Processor Module Ports Programmer/Port B, User Serial Ports (22K)
Appendix B Processor Module Error and Status Codes (40K)
Appendix C AutoMax Task Execution (33K)
Appendix D Limitations on Object File Size (26K)
Appendix E Windows Command Summary (49K)
Appendix F Database Definitions (22K)
Appendix G Importing Racks from Systems Containing Network (.NET) Files (26K)
Appendix H Using Foreign Modules in an AutoMax Rack (39K)
Appendix I Transferring Tasks Created with AutoMax Executive V3.3 (and later) to ASD (24K)
Appendix J Quickstart Guide (528K)
Appendix K Import Notes (196K)
Appendix L Automax Bill of Material Generator (21K)
Appendix M Copying Systems and Racks (18K)
Appendix N Tokens and Locking (36K)
Appendix P Version Control Library (VCL) (198K)
Document Improvement Form (87K), Back Cover (77K)